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2021 Counterfeit CBH Census Almost Finalized

Back in August or September I started contacting folks about updating the counterfeit CBH census, a census that had not been updated in about 2.5 years. Thus, an update was long overdue, especially with dozens of new varieties reported since then.

This was my first time conducting this census and it was a lot of work, especially with over 400 documented varieties, inputting data from various collections, and writing up the results. On the plus side, the results have been drafted and sent for review. The final results will first be sent to all folks who participated some time between the end of December and early January. Some time thereafter, the results will be published in the counterfeit CBH section of this website here:

If you did not participate in this current census (for one reason or another), but would like to report your collection, please contact me and I'll try to add your collection to the overall results before the end of December 2021. But, you can also report your collection, including any updates (additions or removals) to me at any time.

Finally, a selfish plug. If you're interested in selling your collection of die struck contemporary counterfeit U.S. or Mexican coins, especially CBHs, but other types as well, I'm always interested in adding varieties to my collection, or putting varieties into the collection for other folks.

Sincerely your host,


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1 Comment

Dec 12, 2021

can't wait, not a selfish plug at all. some collectors just get out of certain areas or just out altogether.

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