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A New Counterfeit CBQ Variety!

April 2023 was another important month in the genre of circulating contemporary counterfeit U.S. coins. This time, a previously undocumented variety of hand-made, die struck Capped Bust quarter was seen; and yes, Bad Metal Silver, again, has a newly reported, undocumented variety, but this was fully anticipated at the time of publication.

This new counterfeit is an 1834 Capped Bust quarter and has been given the variety designation of 1834 Z1-C. But what makes this quarter so special is that the device punch elements are identical in style to those from the Bust Dime Bandit family. Thus, we can for the first time confirm that this counterfeiter was making multiple denominations, dimes and quarters, and maybe one day we’ll document that they were also making half dollars which were MUCH more prevalently counterfeited at this time. Nevertheless, this is currently a very rare instance where we can positively confirm a counterfeiter was involved with making multiple denominations and we know which varieties were made – but the last bit of information remains outstanding, and that is who was making these coins, along with when and where?

1834 Z1-C is one of just three (3) hand-made, die struck circulating contemporary counterfeit Capped Bust quarter varieties yet documented; a handful more transfer die struck counterfeit Bust quarters were also made. I do anticipate that additional examples of these three (3) varieties will be uncovered over time, but until then these three varieties currently remain unique. What notably differs with this quarter variety relative to the associated dime varieties is the top part of the portrait of Liberty. On the dimes there is a fairly rounded cap, while on the quarter there is either 3 lumps of hair or the cap is lumpy.

In closing, I should know by now to change my mindset from ‘never expected this variety to exist’ to more of an acceptance that surprising finds, unexpected varieties, etc. are still out there to be documented. We are of course still somewhat at the early stages of documenting all the die struck circulating contemporary counterfeit U.S. coin varieties that still exist. And this brings me to the next edition of this blog where I will share another newly documented hand-made, die struck contemporary U.S. silver coin variety not published in Bad Metal Silver.



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