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If you are building a circulating contemporary counterfeit type set, then this may be the group to help fill some challenging holes!  Individually, these pieces are listed for about $600, but grouped together the price has been lowered to $525; individual listings of these coins will be removed upon completion of this sale.


1837. Capped Bust. Davignon 3-C. German silver planchet. Hand-made die. VF/EF. Nicer than usual example for this variety.

1878. Seated. Brass planchet. Hand-made die. VF-details, holed. Scarce variety and one of only 22 hand-made die struck Seated half dollar varieties documented.

1899-S. Barber. German silver planchet. Transfer die. It is very difficult to find a die struck contemporary counterfeit Barber half dollar; I've documented less than 25 examples total between hand-made and transfer die.  There are only 3 or 4 hand-made die struck varieties documented, while there are about 5 or 6 transfer die varieties; all the other transfer die varieties are known on brass planchets making this example unique and a bit special.

1921. WLH. Sterling silver planchet. Hand-made die. One of only 6 documented hand-made, die struck contemporary counterfeit WLH varieties, and a semi-key/key date to boot!  Like the Barber half dollar, die struck contemporary counterfeit WLHs are almost never available.

Die Struck Counterfeit Half Dollar Type Set

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