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Bad Metal Silver. 50c to S$1 is now approximately 86% complete (I'm way more organized with this publication than prior publications). This % is approximate because I'm still refining the page count of sections and chapters; some pages are added while others are removed. But I'm making steady progress these days - for example these past 3 days I've focused on just the counterfeit silver dollars - Bust, Seated, Trade, and especially Morgan's; Peace dollars will be worked on later, and currently that's a short section. I also needed a break from the immense amount of research, information and time that the Capped Bust half dollar section has taken (along with all the half dollar sections) - and this section is so very close to being done (please let me know about new varieties or anything else really).

I'm tentatively set to finish the draft of this forthcoming publication by the end of 2023 (so excited). The final product will be about 400 pages. This will give me a comfortable amount of time in 2024 to submit the draft to reviewers/editors and make all the necessary edits/updates before going to print later in 2024 (per my goal).

When I need down time, breaks, and mental head clearing sessions from the focus this forthcoming publication is having on me, I shift my physical efforts to the 4th and FINAL Bad Metal Gold book. Those physical efforts are often just data collection, photography and editing, inputting photos into sections, and other tedious and mindless or semi-mindless writing tasks which take up 50% (+/-) of the overall time and effort of these books. Thus, this overlapping, efficient progress between publications will allow me to get the GOLD book finished in a timely manner.

If YOU have ANYTHING interesting in association with counterfeit half dollars/50c and silver dollars please let me know. I love the weird and unusual.



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