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donate your counterfeits

Put your unwanted circulating contemporary counterfeit U.S. coins to better use by donating them for current and future research projects.


Reasons to Donate

  • You do not want or need these counterfeits.

  • You want to contribute to numismatic research and education efforts.

  • You fear that owning such pieces may be illegal and you do not want to take such a risk.

  • Other?

Donation Logistics

  • Please use the 'Contact' link at the top of this website to arrange for pieces to be donated.

  • Please submit sample photos and/or an inventory list of pieces being donated.

  • Donated pieces should be mailed via USPS Priority mail or other agreed upon shipping method.

  • Within 14 days of receipt of donated pieces, the donors shipping expenses will be reimbursed through an agreed upon payment method; electronic payments are preferred.


Donation Handling

  • Donations will be documented, labeled, cataloged, and securely stored.

  • All donations will be held for a minimum of 10 years to facilitate reasonable research efforts.

  • After 10 years some donations may be publicly or privately sold or donated to other institutions to fund additional research efforts, website improvements, and other projects associated with circulating contemporary counterfeit U.S. coins.

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