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Bad Metal Silver - Book has Shipped from the Printer!

Simply put, the printing company shipped my order today. It has to travel at least 1,500 miles to get to me. I anticipate that will take approximately 7 calendar days to arrive. From there, I will be spending a long evening boxing up orders, and the next day (or 2) making trips to my local post office(s) to ship them. You will each receive individual emails from me with a tracking number, and this might come the day of shipment or the day after it is in the mail - bear with me as this will be a taxing couple of days for me.

Bottom line, I hope these arrive in your mailbox, at your residence, business, or PO Box BEFORE Thanksgiving!

Thank you all again for your interest and support in this subject. You are the reason I have the motivation to see this huge project to the end.


Winston Zack

P.S. If you have not ordered a copy yet there is still time to pre-order for $70 through the end of 2022, and afterwards it will be $100.

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