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Genuinely, Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all have a great, happy, festive Thanksgiving.

With just 5 weeks left in the calendar year of 2022, I'll report that I've received an outpouring of kudos and compliments regarding my latest book - and that success extends to each and every one of you who have contributed, whether your efforts were large or small. I anticipate this latest Bad Metal book will be 'outdated' with new-found die struck varieties starting as early as the start of 2023, but I also hope it does not happen that quickly - nevertheless, it is inevitable, and I'm excited to see what else is out there to learn from.

I'm drafting an end-of-the-year final Blog post summarizing some of my numismatic contemporary counterfeit U.S. coin highlights from 2022, and I'd love for you to share yours as well. I expect this to be published here in 2-3 weeks from now.



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