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Post-Baltimore Show Update

I had a chance to make it to the Baltimore show for a few days last week. The show seemed relatively active although attendance to the show is not like it was pre-2020 (i.e., Covid). Nevertheless, I stayed active walking the floor, catching up with collectors and dealers, and attending a couple of auctions. However, I was unfortunately not able to add a single counterfeit coin to my collection, and many dealers and collectors who may have had something new for me didn't have anything. In any event, I'm finishing 2022 on a successful high-note for both adding new varieties to my collection and getting Bad Metal Silver completed and printed.

At the show I was able to help a collector add at least 6 new counterfeit hand-made die struck CBH varieties to their already advanced collection. And for another collector I was able to add a few type pieces to their set.

At the end of the show I acquired a modest but diverse collection of mostly contemporary counterfeit U.S. gold coins and some silver-type which I have just finished listing on this website. These include gold dollars, quarter eagles, and a couple half eagles, but also a couple of CBHs, a Portrait 2 Reales, and a SUPER crude Spain 1 Real. Most of the U.S. gold is of the Liberty type (many of the varieties are quite rare), and there are 2 Classic Half Eagles, including a super rare hand-made die 1836 example which is an exciting find! Go check out the newest listings.

Regarding the Bad Metal Silver book. The printer has my money and I should be notified any day now that my order has started the 1,500 mile journey to me. I'm as eager as you are to hold a copy in my hands.

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