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Summer Solstice Update

Life. Life is good. I'm working A LOT of hours with my salary job. I'm wrapping up a 9-month kitchen remodel from demo to installation. It's getting warmer here in the desert, but fortunately we are still getting rain and it has been tolerable thus far.

Next Bad Metal book. I've not been able to make notable progress on this draft book in the last 3 months. My Life update, above, explains why I haven't been able to set aside time to focus on finalizing the last 10% or so of progress, including edits from my reviewers. I do intend to find time sometime before the end of 2024 to get a finalized draft ready for the printers.

The SHOP. I've just listed a handful of new pieces in the SHOP section of this website. These include several Seated type pieces and a very rare Hand-Made die counterfeit Morgan dollar variety.

Website Updates. It was brought to my attention that some of the SHPO features, including check-out, were not functioning. I believe I have fixed those issues. I believe updates from my webhosting platform changed some things associated with all that. If you are still finding issues, please contact me and explain what you are seeing. I've testing things from my end and, again, things seem to be fixed.

Personal Collection. I've barely been able to acquire any new contemporary counterfeit U.S. coin varieties for my collection this year. In contrast, last year was essentially the complete opposite. Maybe you have had better luck finding pieces? In any event, this is more of an observation than disappointment - things like this can by cyclical.

That's pretty much all I have to share from the last 3 months!



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