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Teaser Blog Post - 2 new varieties

I don't have the time to draft and write even a short blog post right now, but I still wanted to announce that 2 new counterfeit varieties were recently reported/documented in the last week or so. This includes the 4th new hand-made die counterfeit CBH variety this year (4th in 4 months), and the other is a new hand-made die counterfeit Capped Bust quarter (CBQ). While the CBH is a great addition to 300+ other varieties like it, the CBQ is not only exceptional as being the 3rd variety of this type now documented (cough, Bad Metal Silver is even more 'out of date' - lol) but it's association with other varieties improves our understanding of this counterfeiter (or group) overall and it's importance in this subject matter cannot be understated.

Also, before I forget, I'll be giving a NNP presentation virtually at CSNS on Saturday regarding the counterfeit Flowing Hair half dollars dated 1787, 1878, and 1887. If you can attend that would be great as I put a fair amount of effort into the presentation and I'm looking forward to sharing the latest information I have on these cool pieces of history. Presentation Schedule Attached

NNP Symposium Spring 2023 Schedule
Download PDF • 632KB

Hope y'all have been having a great year so far. Best, Winston

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