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  • All items are guaranteed 100% authentic for life, unless they are being offered as circulating counterfeits or collectible replicas, in which case those attributions are similarly guaranteed.


  • New customers, allow 7-14 days for clearance of funds and shipping. Payment by cash, check, Paypal, or bank wire. Layaway payment terms available for some items.


  • All items are held in bank vaults. We neither maintain a retail location nor have office appointments. In person appointments may be made at the conventions on the Contact Page.


  • Patience is occasionally called for when ordering. When we are traveling, items may or may not be available for shipment until our return to the office. And we travel a lot.


  • All items are sold with a 14 day, no questions asked, return privilege, assuming they have been appropriately handled during that interim.


  • We maintain a two-way market in everything we sell. Some things have ready markets and commensurately small margins, extremely esoteric items are sometimes less liquid. We do our best to be fair in our pricing, whether buying or selling. Quoted prices are net to the buyer assuming ready cash payment.

  • We seek to make long-standing relationships with clients and work towards that goal. For that reason, we guarantee your satisfaction with every transaction.

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