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sell or Consign


  • Do you have contemporary counterfeit U.S. coins to sell?

  • Consider selling them directly to me.

  • I am a collector of hand-made, die struck circulated contemporary counterfeit U.S. coins. My collection primarily consists of varieties from the denominations and types listed below. If you have any varieties of these types for sale, I may be interested in purchasing them if they meet my collection requirements.

    • Three-cent silvers​

    • Shield nickels

    • Flowing Hair half dollars

    • Draped Bust half dollars

    • Capped Bust half dollars

    • Seated Type

    • Crude hand-made die counterfeits


  • You can consign your circulated contemporary counterfeit U.S. coins.  I can either advertise them for sale on this website under the 'Shop' tab, and/or I can contact a list of potentially interested collectors to see if they want to own the piece.

  • Terms and conditions apply for such consignments.


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