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1787 8x6 Taxay plate obv copy.jpg
1787 8x6 Taxay plate rev.jpg

Flowing Hair Half Dollars (1794-1795)

1801 rev2.jpg

Draped Bust Half Dollars (1796-1807)

1828 1A obv.jpg
1828 1A rev.jpg

Capped Bust Half Dollars (1807-1839)

Half Dollar Counterfeits


This website is a platform dedicated to the study of circulated contemporary counterfeit U.S. coins.  The core mission is research - this is why 'Research' is the first tab at the top of the Homepage. Research is fundamental in order to better understand which counterfeits were made, how they were made, by whom, where, when, and why.


In order to answer these questions, and develop a stronger understanding of this part of history, it will take a collective and collaborative effort from many people.

The study of circulated contemporary counterfeit U.S. coins has the largest research growth potential among all other areas within U.S. numismatics. Therefore, there is a lot left to learn, stories to uncover, and important information to share.

In the future, efforts may be made to expand into combating the adverse effects to this hobby from modern counterfeits of classic U.S. coins.

1833 101 obv.jpg
1833 101 rev.jpg

Seated Liberty Half Dollars (1839-1891)

Barber Half Dollars (1892-1915)

1898 102 rev.jpg
1898 102 obv.jpg

Walking Liberty Half Dollars (1916-1947)

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