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New Variety

Each new or potentially new circulating contemporary counterfeit U.S. coin die marriage (i.e. variety) undergoes a vetting process to carefully and critically evaluate its attributes.

Vetting Process (free service):

  • Photos of the obverse and reverse which are in focus, clear and distinct (minimum requirement);

  • Mail the potential new variety to the administrator (optional). This would allow for an in-person evaluation, examination, and analysis in order to document additional specific details and characteristics (planchet type, weight, diameter and thickness, edge type, etc.). It would also allow for a comparative analysis to other known varieties from the hosts extensive reference collection. If you are planning to mail the contemporary counterfeit U.S. coin, send an email to contemporarycounterfeit@gmail.com for more details.

Vetting Results:

  • Notification as to whether the variety is new and therefore has not been previously documented.

  • Obverse and reverse descriptions.

  • Additional details specific to that counterfeit variety.

  • Publication of the new variety to this website.

  • Identification as the discovery specimen, along with owner recognition on this website (the owner can remain anonymous).

  • Professional photograph of the new variety (only if mailing the piece for evaluation).