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300! And More Teasers!

This will be a short, teaser blog post.

Recently, a collector brought to my attention a few new hand-made, die-struck contemporary counterfeit CBH varieties. As a result, and pursuant to my last count, these newly documented varieties bring us to the magical number of at least 300 documented hand-made die-struck contemporary counterfeit CBH varieties. Only a couple months ago I wrote another blog post stating that we were likely to hit 300 varieties by the end of 2022 - and we have smashed this estimated timeline by over a year!

That same collector also showed me photos of previously undocumented hand-made die-struck contemporary counterfeit varieties of other denominations and series within the nickel, and silver denominations. The silver denomination counterfeits will be published in my upcoming Bad Metal - Silver books (parts 1 and 2), and the new five-cent nickel variety will be published on this website after I sell at least most of the remaining copies of Bad Metal - Copper and ask your friends to buy a copy or two!

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