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30th Clinton Head Variety!

The Counterfeit CBH census is in full swing! If you would like to participate, but have not been contacted about it, send me an email at -

As a result of this census collection, one new counterfeit CBH variety from hand-made dies was identified, shown here, and these images have been added to the Research section of this website. This example shares an obverse with 1833 Davignon 5, and a reverse with 1835 Davignon 17-Q; this new variety also shares the same lettered edge dies as the two other varieties mentioned. Thus, this variety fits nicely into a potential emission sequence of die varieties associated with this family.

This is the 30th documented Clinton Head family variety, and at least the 5th new Clinton Head variety reported since Davignon (2010) - a 25% increase in varieties associated with this family in a little over a decade! The Clinton Head family is the largest counterfeit CBH family while the second largest family, the Mexican Head family, has a mere 22 varieties. It will be interesting to see how many other, previously undocumented Clinton Head varieties are still out there waiting to be documented and reported!

If you have, or think you have a new counterfeit CBH variety, or any other contemporary counterfeit U.S. coin that you would like more information about, please send me an email, as identified above.

Happy Hunting!


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