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5+ New Cast Counterfeit CBH Varieties in November!

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

The second-half of November was a whirlwind travel adventure for me. The first stop was to the American Numismatic Society (ANS) where Curator, Jesse Kraft, gave me a chance to study, document, and photograph any number of contemporary counterfeit U.S. coins in their collection for my research and publications on this subject. It was a quick but productive 2 days for my purposes, and I got to see a whole lot of other treasures too!

The following four days I was in Baltimore for the Whitman Expo. It was great to be back after the 2020 show was cancelled due to Covid concerns. The goal of this show was also to study and photograph pieces from various collections for my research and documentation purposes. This was another success helping to fill many gaps in the next 3 upcoming Bad Metal series publications. I documented many new, fun and sometimes wild die struck contemporary counterfeits, on top of some scarce cast counterfeits.

And it is the cast counterfeits that I am here to provide additional information.

Since I took on the counterfeit CBH census a few months ago (I know I have not yet sent the summary of results to those who participated), almost 10 new cast counterfeit CBH Overton die marriages have been reported, of which 5 were documented within a week during my east coast trip at the ANS and Whitman Baltimore show. In particular, the east coast trip resulted in the following new varieties:

1826 O-118

1827 O-117 (shown here)

1830 O-116

1833 O-102

1836 O-111

I now have a total of 84 different cast counterfeit CBH die marriages documented, of which I have photos of most. However, I am missing photos of the following 12 cast counterfeits. If you have any of these cast counterfeit CBH die marriages, I would love to get photos for the record - thanks!

1812 O-107, Davignon 3-C

1822 O-106, Davignon 10-J

1825 O-106(?), Davignon 8-H

1826 O-105, Davignon 7-G

1827 O-146, Davignon 7-G

1829 O-115, Davignon 14-O

1829 O-102, Davignon 16-Q

1830 O-115, Davignon 25-Z

1832 O-106, Davignon 19-T

1833 O-113, Davignon 37-KK

1835 O-103, Davignon 14-N

1836 O-112, Davignon 8-H; (see 1st Edition)

On top of this, a handful of new die struck counterfeits, primarily transfer dies, were also documented during my east coast trip. Additional information and reporting about these pieces will be shared in the near future after I have adequately attributed them.

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