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Book Status, New Varieties, New Inventory

Bad Metal Silver. 3cS to 25c update. The printing company has recently provided me with an update that they are very busy printing many books for other customers and MY book is not expected to print until November 2 and arrive in mid-November. Thus, it is likely to miss the late-October Baltimore show. However, they did say they will try to squeeze my book printing in beforehand and try to have copies arrive for the show – but they would not and could not promise this.

I currently have about 100 Bad Metal Silver pre-orders, but I’m still looking to fulfill at least 50 more. Tell your local coin clubs, coin dealers, etc. about this book – a lot of people don’t really know what they have or how much it might be worth until a book like this comes out! I’ve decided to keep the pre-order price until the end of December. Book 1 continues to sell and I’ve received some really great feedback in recent weeks – thank you!

I recently acquired a really fantastic hand-made die counterfeit half dollar associated with an established counterfeit family. I’m keeping additional details secret for the time being in order to study it further. But suffice it to say it is one of my favorite counterfeits in my collection. I will be bringing this piece and the other varieties I own from this family to the October Baltimore show for show-and-tell. So, if you see me there ask to see them – I love showing, sharing, and telling.

I continue to plug along with the next Bad Metal Silver book covering half dollars and silver dollars. Over the last week I’ve been working diligently on the Barber and Walking Liberty half dollar variety sections and conducting research on those pieces. After studying pieces from my collection, I re-examined what I had always thought was a well-made transfer die Barber half dollar. It turns out, it is actually a really well-made hand-made die variety dated 1903, as shown - now go hunt and find another! This is just the 6th hand-made die struck counterfeit Barber half dollar variety I’ve documented, and of course I’m always looking to document anything and everything else out there. Thus, if you have any die struck counterfeit Barber or Walker half dollars (hand-made or transfer dies) please share them with me – even if I’ve documented the variety it helps to record how many examples of those varieties still exist.

Finally, I anticipate listing a handful of contemporary counterfeits on the ‘SHOP’ section of this website within the next month. I recently acquired a few neat gold counterfeits and some silver varieties. Further, not everything in my ‘for sale box’ of counterfeits is listed on this website – I have much more. Thus, if you are looking for anything specific, please contact me. I’m also willing to trade pieces to build our respective collections, as well as buy collections outright!



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