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Coming Soon. New Counterfeit CBH Census

For years, Larry Schmidt has conducted a counterfeit CBH census through the website. In the transition from to this census was placed on hold. I have recently communicated with Larry and he has agreed to let me take-on the 2021 counterfeit CBH census. Around September 1 of this year I intend to contact folks via email about participating in this latest census. If you would like to participate in this census, please contact me via email at and I will add you to the distribution list. The individual identity of all participants and their collection information will not be shared with anyone.

Participants will have 30 days to send me their census information, unless they contact me beforehand requesting additional time. I understand that everybody probably compiles their collection information differently. If you would like me to send you an excel spreadsheet associated with this census, I would be happy to do so in order to make the final data collection easier to sort.

I intend to compile all the results of this census through September 30th. I will send a summary report and associated data to all participants on or around October 31. If you want specific types of data and information as a result of this census (i.e. Top 10 most common varieties; how many R8 varieties there are, etc.) please contact me about this and I will do my best to include this information.

Thanks for your consideration in participating in this census!


Winston Zack

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