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Counterfeit CBH Errors!

With the 300+ varieties of die struck counterfeit CBHs and the 1000's of examples which still exist, it should come as little surprise that several pieces are what we refer to as 'errors' from production (i.e., multi-struck); I am differentiating errors from trial strikes, such as those where a large cent was used as the host planchet. Several counterfeit CBH errors are shown in Davignon's book, but most of the examples known to exist have never been publicly published or shown to the broader numismatic community. Well, I'm happy that this changes today!

My recent acquisition of a multi-struck (appears triple struck) counterfeit 1830 Davignon 2-B has invigorated my efforts towards improving this websites content; my modest extra free time has otherwise been spent editing and updating the content of my next BAD METAL book. Thus, for your viewing pleasure, please consider visiting the 'Errors' section of the counterfeit CBHs -

This section is a work in progress, and will be completed later today with the images I have available to me. More examples of counterfeit CBH errors will be added over time as photographs of those pieces are sent to me for posting here. Thus, if you have an error counterfeit CBH, or frankly any other contemporary counterfeit U.S. coin, please share that as it makes this part of the hobby that much more fun and interesting.



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