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Happy Thanksgiving! (Even if belated). And a Book Sale!

It's been a busy past 6 weeks for me - personal and numismatic - and I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving yesterday!

Starting with personal. I'm tearing down my kitchen and completely remodeling it. The current kitchen seems to have been original (or nearly so) to when my house was built in 1971. So, several surprises, but it's gradually getting sorted out to be more logical and of course MODERN! But the work has only just begun. I need HVAC, plumbing, electrical (a fair bit of it), and finally some drywalling completed before the new kitchen cabinets (completely filling my dining room) can get installed...and then countertops a few weeks later.

Now for numismatic fun. I had a great time at the Baltimore show a couple weeks ago. I caught-up with friends, made new ones, and I added several contemporary counterfeit coins to my collection - both U.S. and Central/South American (an 1816 1/2-real counterfeit is shown), and a couple of those were new varieties for this forthcoming Bad Metal Silver: 50c to Silver Dollar book. Not much else to add from me on the numismatic front, but suffice to say the next Bad Metal book is cruising right along. I'm almost 90% complete and sections are out for review to be as efficient as possible to complete this. But I can't get the next book printed without $$$, and to raise that money I need to sell more copies of the prior 2 Bad Metal books. Therefore, I am once again (for this time of year) having a sale on these books. Take $10 off any book order through December 31st with coupon code: LSCC.

Thanks for those of you who reach out, send me emails and messages. I read and respond to all of them (expect the spam messages). If you contacted me but didn't get a response, sometimes my responses end up in your junk email folders, while other times I've been told folks just never got anything. Thus - let me know if this is an issue for you and I'll try my best to solve it.

Happy Holidays,


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