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Housekeeping Updates and Other Info!

New Counterfeits for Sale. Over the last few weeks and over this weekend I have and will continue to list a handful of new acquisitions in the ‘Shop’ section of this website ( Some highlights include seated quarter varieties, other seated type, casts (which are unusual for me to sell), and a few others.

1842 Davignon 1-A CBH Available. If you’re in the market for this variety I can help facilitate an example that is available for sale by a 3rd party.

Want to Buy. I’ve got a growing customer want-list. I’m particularly looking for hand-made die struck counterfeit seated type, especially dimes, but other currently scarce varieties, Capped Bust type, 20th century type, and others. Please inquire.

Want to Trade. I’ve got a lot of inventory of contemporary counterfeit coins that you may want, but not have the cash to buy. Well, I like trades, and I do this regularly with a handful of people. In the end, both parties happily get what they want and it’s a win-win for building collections. With that said, I’m looking to acquire varieties for my personal collection, and not to sell on my website, so not all trades work out.

Consignments. I’m starting to get consignments of contemporary counterfeit coins which are being listed in the ‘Shop’ section of the website. My fee structure is currently as follows. 10% of the sale price + $5 per item. I’m not in this to make a living, but instead to cover my time, effort and material costs while finding homes for new pieces. Please inquire if you are interested in consigning pieces through this website.

Book Sale Bounty. I’ve still got too many copies of my first Bad Metal Copper and Nickel book available. While copies are still selling regularly, I want to unload at least a few more boxes (this will go towards funding the printing of my next Bad Metal book). Therefore, I want to incentive this audience (or anyone else). For every referral that results in an order of this book, I’ll send you $5. Go out and let your local brick and mortar coin store owner to buy a book, get your coin club friends to buy a copy, or even buy a copy for your pet (if you have one).

How this will work is as follows: You’ll need to let me know who you referred. If that person orders a book, I’ll follow-up and let you know so that I can arrange sending you the ‘referral’ cash as a thank you. I’m trying to keep this simple. I’m going to keep this ‘bounty’ promotion going until the end of this year (2023). After that, the fate of remaining copies of this book is unknown.

Rewards Points. I’m looking into how I can set-up a rewards points system on this website when orders are placed. I will probably look into this over this coming weekend (or July in general), but I don’t currently know how this will work…if at all. If this interests you, please let me know in a comment.

Counterfeit Coin Open Registry Set? Over the last couple months, I’ve been mulling over the idea of potentially creating some sort of open set registry project, similar to how Gerry Fortin created this on his website, Currently, I haven’t the slightest idea how to create such a thing on this website, but I’m open to ideas. If this interests you, please let me know in a comment.

Status Update on ‘Bad Metal Silver. 50c and Silver Dollars’. Several of you have individually requested a status update on the forthcoming book. I’m still around 70% complete with this book. Some of the heavy lifting still remaining is research and writing stories, a project task I intend to focus on later this month (and of course going forward). In the meantime, I’ve been busy working on data updates, photography, new varieties, and other research associated with counterfeit families, especially CBHs. I recently won a Newman research grant which is going towards XRF analysis, studying other collections, and other related expenses for this overall project. In sum, there are a lot of moving parts to a large, complex project like this and I’m juggling a lot simultaneously.

Missing, Possibly Stolen, 1839-O CBH Counterfeit. Recently I bought, but was not sent an example of 1839-O Davignon 1-A counterfeit CBH. I'm not sure why the owner/seller did not send this piece to me nor why he decided to terminate communication when I inquired about shipping/mailing status. Nevertheless, I got my money back (thanks PayPal), but I would still like this piece. I'm attaching images here in the hopes that it surfaces and is available to me in the future.

New Varieties! Last but not least, a couple people have shared new die struck counterfeit varieties with me associated with half dollars and gold. I hope to share those here in Blog posts in the near future. Stay tuned.

Cheers and have a great weekend,

Winston Zack

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