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More on Henning Nickels!


Friend and collaborator Joe Cronin has completed a significantly updated publication on Henning nickels and associated die markers. He has spent years studying these pieces and has identified several new and conclusive die markers that nobody beforehand appears to have documented (to the best of my knowledge). This work also fills important gaps in knowledge that my Bad Metal book did not document. It is doubtful that a better publication on this subject will ever be written!

To order a copy and have the best publication around regarding the 20th century's most well-known and documented contemporary counterfeit U.S. coin, please contact Mr. Cronin (I WILL EDIT/UPDATE THIS BLOG POST WITH INFO ON HOW TO ORDER WHEN I RECEIVE IT).


WANTED - Henning Nickels

Several friends and collectors have recently asked me for Henning nickels to build and/or complete their respective collections. Usually these requests involve searching for the scarcer/rarer 39, 46, 47 and 53-dated varieties, but also the 44's are in demand; I even recently parted with one of these prized varieties from my own collection. Therefore, if you have any Henning nickels that you are willing to sell, please feel free contact me and I will put you in touch with the collector(s) who have an interest in these pieces.



Thanks for reading this latest blog post. Here are some more updates and info you may be interested in.

  • My work and personal life are very busy these days and will be for at least the next 3-5 months. I hope to continue with Blog posts during interim travel and so forth but such posts might only occur 1 or 2 times per month.

  • I still have plans to provide an update on some Seated quarter counterfeits as I promised a couple months ago.

  • Another observation as we complete the first quarter of 2024 is that I'm not aware of any new contemporary counterfeit CBHs being reported/discovered. Last year at this time we had at least 3 new varieties reported and a couple more in the following months. If you have a new variety, or potential new variety, please contact me to share. Between 2023 and 2024 we are still averaging about 3 new varieties reported per year, which has been the historical trend for at least the last 10+ years. However, maybe we really are slowing down with new and previously unreported varieties...but I'm quite confident several more die marriages are out there and yet to be publicly documented.

  • Bad Metal Silver. 50c and $S. I recently received images of 3 counterfeit Morgan VAMs. This and other work got me 1% closer to overall completion.

  • I'm currently sitting at 88% complete. When I have some time in the next month or two I plan to hammer out another 3-5% of the outstanding 12% incomplete parts of this forthcoming publication. Plus I still have a handful of research to try to complete. I can't wait to get this book to the finish line as it will be my best numismatic publication.

Hope you're having a great weekend, maybe watching some March Madness and just enjoying the weather with Spring just starting.


Winston Zack

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