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New Year, New Ctft CBH Variety!

2023 is off to a great start with regards to the seemingly never-ending documentation of new hand-made, die struck contemporary counterfeit CBH varieties. The following 1835 variety sports semi-crude die work overall. On the obverse, most of the date, star 1, and the outline of Liberty’s portrait are the only visible die elements along with the later initials AB added in the center. On the reverse, the die work on the eagle is a bit cartoonish, the scroll begins under the right side of T in UNITED which is quite far left relative to most other ctft CBH varieties, and it is estimated that the scroll ends around the middle of M in AMERICA. The edge lettering is also poorly visible with just HALF being readable. This variety is estimated to be struck on a German silver planchet. Also, intriguing is that this piece has 270-degree counterclockwise die rotation suggestive of a square die. This piece is overweight weighing 14.16 grams, which is nearly 0.7 grams heavier than a new genuine CBH, and this is a result of a planchet 2.02 mm thick.

Who will find a second example of this variety, and preferably one with much more detail showing?

Do you have a previously unreported/undocumented counterfeit CBH or potentially other die struck contemporary counterfeit U.S. coin? If so, we’d love to see it!

Happy Hunting!


P.S. I’ll be listing for sale a few ctft 3cS varieties, a couple CBHs, and maybe some more gold in the near future.

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