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The Other Henning Dates!

As a follow-up to the prior Blog post from a couple weeks where I showcased a 1953 Henning nickel, another collector, Joe Cronin, reached out to me to share pieces from his collection, including a 1939, 1946 and 1947. Each of the 3 varieties shared were struck from the same 'A' reverse with the visible defect in the R. Similar to the 1953, these 3 dates and varieties are still considered very rare, with the 1946 probably being equal or almost as rare as the 1953. The 1947 is not much more available, and the 1939's are only marginally more available but is the 2nd-most available of the 5 Henning dated pieces.

Not much more to share here other than some show-and-tell photos of Mr. Cronin's 3 Henning nickels.

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1 Comment

Feb 17, 2023

Those pieces look in amazing condition!! I would certainly send the out to ICG and have them slab protected. Request the weight to be put on the slab for sure!!! They will do it!! This way they are kept safer from wear and tear and more people can handle and admire them without fear of corrosion! Way to go Joe!!! My newest hero!!!!Awesome!!!! As always thanks for the blog updates Winston!!! Made my day!!!

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