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What Else Do You Want to Know?

What facts, figures, stats, or other stuff and things about contemporary counterfeit U.S. coins do you want to know about, especially if that info has not been addressed before? I'd be happy to share this info in future blog posts, especially if there are lean times when I start running out of topics to write about.

For example, and broadly speaking, I make a lot of decisions and assumptions about what information I personally think is important to share about this subject matter, but maybe I'm missing other important info that I can easily share. This information has been shared in these blogs, in my Bad Metal books, or elsewhere. And as I gear up for Bad Metal Silver: 50c to Silver Dollars I want to make sure I have info in there that the readers want.

For example, I cannot always find 'who' made certain counterfeits - although I am making a lot of efforts to do so (often in vein).

As another example, I've so far XRF analyzed more than 80% of the 313+ hand-made, die struck counterfeit CBH varieties, and I anticipate having 85-90% analyzed before the next Bad Metal publication. From this I can characterize the rate of different planchet alloys used across a broad sample size.

Etc., etc.

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