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Here is a starter set of 11 lower-grade and/or problem counterfeit CBH varieties dated between 1823 and 1838. Varieties from 7 different counterfeit CBH families are represented here for a nice mix and diversity. You probably won't find a less expensive group with this much diversity and in the case of 1831 D.19-S, rarity!


They include the following varieties. The included photos follow the same list of varieties.


1823 D.1-A. Top Gun family.

1831 D.7-G. Buck-Toothed Eagle family.

1831 D.19-S. Clinton Head family (1 of 3 documented); this piece alone is worth 100-150 since only 2 other collectors are known to own this variety.

1832 D.3-B. Mint Mimicked family.

1833 D.1-A. Too Legit to Quit family.

1833 D.2-B. Mexican Head family.

1833 D.6-F. (singleton)

1834 D.1-A. Puckered Lips family.

1836 D.5-E. Too Legit to Quit family.

1838 D.3-C. Too Legit to Quit family.

1838 D.3-E. Too Legit to Quit family.

11 Piece Ctft CBH Starter Set

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