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There are five varieties associated with the Top Gun family.  Three varieties are quite common, and include 1822 1/A, 1823 1/A, and 1825 1/A.  However, 1824 2/B is the second-rarest variety with just 7 examples reported.  While 1825 6/F is the rarest, with just 5 examples now reported.  This variety was quite rare even in 1845 because this is the only Top Gun family variety which was not documented by Riddell in his 1845 Monograph!  


Overall, this example exhibits G/VG details with pockets of the original silvering covering the debased silver/billon planchet.  None of the other 1825 6/F examples documented show better than VF details. Thus, this example is relatively nice compared to the few other reported examples.

1825 6-F, Top Gun family, counterfeit CBH

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