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This is the only 1836-dated hand-made, die struck counterfeit Classic Head half eagle variety yet documented.  This variety is part of a larger counterfeit family primarily made up of 1839-dated Classic Head varieties, but other dated-varieties may also exist.  I have only documented 3 examples of this variety.


This example shows a decent amount of detail given its rough condition being scratched, dented, and holed (all probably done to check for authenticity).  Very little of the original gold plating remains, and the underlying copper planchet is otherwise fully exposed.  The reverse lettering is small and the words are widely spaced, somewhat reminiscent to me of the 1836-O, 1838-O and 1839-O CBHs.


I cannot emphasize enough how rare hand-made die struck counterfeit Classic half eagles are.  I have only documented 7 or 8 varieties, among which I have photographcially documented about 10 examples, with another 10 being reported by other advanced collectors.

1836 counterfeit Classic Half Eagle, Variety Z1-A

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