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Ummm - WOW!  What a terrifically well-preserved counterfeit gold dollar hand-made die variety.  I would grade this piece either high-end AU or maybe even MS.  The luster is terrific and all the gold plating remains intact.


This variety is one of nine documented hand-made die counterfeit gold dollars dated 1853.  The quality of die workmanship on this variety was ok, but diagnostic pick-up-points, such as the dotted-denticles and roughness of the reverse lettering makes for easy identification, even back in the 1850s.  Maybe it was these easily identifiable features that led to this variety being removed from circulation so quickly resulting in its remarkable preservation over the past 160+ years.  This is just 1 of 2 examples of this variety that have yet been documented, and it was only just documented in 2020.


This is really a phenomenal specimen for the collector working on a representative counterfeit hand-made type set or a more ambitious collection of counterfeit Gold dollars!

1853 counterfeit Gold Dollar, Variety 'C-5'

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