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This variety is 1  of 5 documented hand-made die counterfeit gold dollar varieties dated 1857. This die sinker used a later date associated with the Type-1 obverse portrait and reverse wreath design.  This variety is part of a counterfeit family whose full extent has not been actively studied, but I can say with certainty that variety 1857 'C-3' share the same obverse as this variety, and variety C-4 probably was made by this counterfeiter too as it has a Type 1/1 obv/rev.


Only a few examples of this variety have yet been documented and it is one of the nicer examples seen.  About 5-10% of the original gold plating remains, largely in the recesses of raised design elements.  The planchet is brass.  And the photography on this example does not do this example justice!

1857 counterfeit Gold Dollar, Variety 'C-1'

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