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Where do I begin?  This is a contemporary counterfeit 3cS 1861 Z8-T graded (genuine) by PCGS as an XF45, and CAC agreed with their green bean sticker; no, I did not submit this to PCGS or CAC - it was acquired in the wild of all things! While PCGS (and other TPGs) have graded several (many?) contemporary counterfeit U.S. coins (and I have a modest collection of these), this is the ONLY documented example that also received (inadvertently I presume) a CAC green bean sticker (official CAC paperwork comes with this piece)!  So, is this the most convincing contemporary counterfeit U.S. coin ever made to get by so many experts?  Well, that is certainly a strong argument, but I still think the Micro O family of counterfeit Morgan dollars takes that top prize.  Nevertheless, here we have something truly unique!


This piece is plated in my forthcoming Bad Metal Silver. 3cS to 25c book; or maybe when you read this the book is already in your hands!


So, why am I selling this?  Well, I'm not really trying to sell it.  I'm a nerd among nerds for all things circulating contemporary counterfeit 3cS pieces, and this is one of my pride and joys in that collection.  Nevertheless, if there is interest from the numismatic community I am certainly willing to part with this piece at the listed price (or more)!!!  Proceeds from this sale would be recirculated into my BAD METAL research, acquisitions and publications.


As stated above, this piece comes with CAC paperwork printed from their website identifying that the green bean sticker was specifically added to this PCGS slab (and was not added 'second hand' from another coin).  Shipping will be via USPS Registered Mail unless otherwise requested and agreed between me and the buyer.


Thanks for looking!

1861 3cS Z8-T PCGS + CAC!!! (ONLY ONE KNOWN!)

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