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If you're looking for a hand-made die struck contemporary counterfeit Morgan dollar variety for your collection, I wish you lots of luck in your efforts to find one in the wild. There are only 9 such documented varieties, and I've only had the opportunity to offer and sell 1 other variety besides this variety. I anticipate that between all 9 documented varieties, collectively 100 or fewer examples still exist.


This variety will be attributed as 1900-O Z2-E in my forthcoming Bad Metal book. This is only the 2nd documented example of this variety I've encountered in 8+ years looking for another example; I antipcte additional examples exist, but I couldn't guess how many. The die work on this variety is, in my opinion, the most accurate compared to a genuine Morgan dollar. Some notable die attribution variances include the date numeral design and orientation, and the circular nature and thickness of the O mintmark. Aside from these details, this variety can easily trick most collectors today. This example weighs 25.99 grams, which is similar in weight to genuine Morgan dollars exhibiting Fine details.

1900-O Z2-E Morgan Dollar hand-made die contemporary counterfeit

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