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Hand-made, die struck counterfeit Walking Liberty half dollars are super rare, and that this piece is now a key-date is even cooler.  These varieties were struck on sterling silver planchets.  So far, only five different WLH counterfeit varieties have been documented.  This variety was made very well.  A pick-up-point for this variety is the reverse position of the cactus(?) leaf relative to the position of the B in PLURIBUS; on the counterfeit the leaf touches the center of the B, while on the genuine it is to the right-edge of the B.  Other lettering and details are also not exactly the same as the genuine.  The reverse of this die was also used on a 1917 counterfeit WLH variety too, thus making this a small family of counterfeit WLHs.

1921 Walking Liberty Half Counterfeit, Hand-Made die

$400.00 Regular Price
$350.00Sale Price
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