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This is a group of 22 different counterfeit CBH die struck varieties ranging from relatively common to very rare (e.g., 3 documented). The grades and condition of each example vary from well-worn and problem pieces to Fine condition; see descriptions until photos are posted; some examples in this group are already listed for sale individually. This group is meant to be a starter set for folks interested in building a collection of these counterfeit coins. Most collectors of contemporary counterfeit U.S. coins do not own this many different counterfeit CBH varieties.


The average price is about $82/piece which is reasonabe when you consider how much time, effort, and cost it would take be to assemble a comparable group of these one piece at a time. I'm also open to selling pieces listed here individually (please inquire).



1823    1-A    AG/G
1824    1-A    VG
1826    2-B/4-D    F
1830    8-H    VG/F
1831    7-G    FR-holed
1831    19-S    FR/Pr
1832    2-B    G-details
1832    3-B    G-details
1833    1-A    G-details
1833    2-B    AG/G
1833    6-F    F
1833    8-H    G-details
1833    19-S    AG/G
1833    20-T    G/VG
1834    1-A    VG-details
1834    9-I    VG/F
1835    2-B    AG/G
1836    5-E    G/VG
1837    7-G    FR/Pr
1838    1-A    AG 
1838    3-C    VG
1838    3-E    F-details

22 Counterfeit CBH Starter Set

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