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BAD METAL is Back!

More coins. More history. More characters.


All copies are individually numbered and signed.


After more than 8 years of diligent research, study, and documentation, the second book in Winston Zack’s award-winning, four-part Bad Metal book series of circulating contemporary counterfeit U.S. coins, Bad Metal Silver. 3cS to 25c, is now available.


Bad Metal Silver. 3cS to 25c covers counterfeit silver denominations including three cent silvers (3cS), half-dimes, dimes, twenty cents, and quarters from the Bust, Seated, Barber, Renaissance, and Presidential series.  This 250+ page, professionally photographed, full-color book documents more than 240 die-struck counterfeit coins along with dozens of cast counterfeits with most varieties having never been previously published.  Counterfeit families of related varieties are carefully assembled with close-up pick-up-point images.  And where larger families of similar looking varieties are concerned, a quick attribution guide was created in order to make identification of varieties easier and faster.


Was coin counterfeiting always viewed by the public negatively?  Who would have guessed that the lowly 3cS denomination was one of the most counterfeited coins of its era!  Were the so-called ‘Soviet Mercury Dimes’, dated 1923-D and 1930-D, really made in the Soviet Union?  Did you know that people were counterfeiting Washington quarters for circulation in the 21st century?  Discover this information and much more in Bad Metal Silver. 3cS to 25c.


This book is far and away the most comprehensive, previously untold, illustrated history covering these counterfeited coins made for circulation.  While bits and pieces of this subject have been published in the past, their scattered nature had never placed them into a historical context, the motivation of counterfeiters over time was never scrutinized, nor did numismatists realize the scope and scale of this largely ignored and forgotten subject.  This book defines circulating contemporary counterfeit coins as known today. The author anticipates more new discoveries and those will be posted on the website.


Winston Zack is an established author of now 4 numismatic books over the last 15 years.  He is best-known for this Bad Metal book series covering the entirety of circulating contemporary counterfeit federal United States coinage from the late 18th through the 21st centuries.  Counterfeit half dollars and silver dollars will be the next book published in this series, and the final book will cover all counterfeit gold denominations.  Anyone wishing to assist in this overall research and publication effort can contact Winston through his website or email.

Bad Metal Silver. 3cS to 25c

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