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In 2015, I started a project to document as many contemporary counterfeit Capped Bust half dollar varieties, as documented by Riddell in his 1845 Monograph, that still exist today. By 2019, that project expanded to all counterfeit 8 reales varieties Riddell documented. Currently, over 50% of the Riddell counterfeit varieties have been documented as still existing today.


The goal of this project is to photographically document as many Riddell counterfeit varieties that still exist today and create a modernized version of his 1845 publication. In order to effectively and efficiently complete this project (to the greatest extent possible), I am requesting participation from the wider numismatic community to provide me with images of Riddell counterfeit varieties. This project is meant to be collaborative and fun, while also challenging, but ultimately worth the effort to complete.



In order to efficiently, effectively and accurately complete this project, participants will need to accurately attribute varieties to Riddell #s and provide me with images of any of the missing counterfeit Riddell varieties; inaccurate attributions will be refused.


  1. Images should be the highest-quality possible; I encourage having pieces professionally photographed.

  2. I am willing to photograph pieces. The only expense to the owner would be mailing costs both ways. Please contact me via email to discuss further.


Please note, as this project evolves, higher-grade examples and higher-quality images may gradually replace lesser examples.



If you’d like to participate, collaborate, and contribute to this project, please contact me, Winston Zack, at A digitized version of the original Riddell Monograph from 1845 can be found on the Newman Portal (and elsewhere) at the following link:



This project is located on my website at Anyone can download it for FREE. If you're feeling generous, please consider a PayPal donation by clicking the following link or scanning the QR code All donations go towards project improvements, especially improving photographs, and will be recognized in the Riddell publication. Updated versions of this publication will replace older versions. Most of the color images will be 50% larger than those Riddell published.


Thanks for your collaboration in completing this project.



Winston Zack

Riddell Monograph.
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(Updated 2/17/2024)

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PROGRESS. Counterfeit Riddell's Documented

  • 2/2024. 65 of 324 (20.1%).

  • 3/2024. (Forthcoming)

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