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Final Call! Bad Metal: Silver, 3cS to 25c

Hi all. Hope you had a great end to 2021 and 2022 is looking brighter.

I wanted to update you all that the second book in my, now, 4-book series (previously set to be only 3 books) of Bad Metal is planned to be printed around summer 2022. This next book will be on small denomination silver coins from 3cS through 25c circulating contemporary counterfeit U.S. coins. This book has been a great collaborative effort which started back in 2014, and is set to include roughly 250 pages with more than 140 hand-made die varieties, nearly 100 transfer die varieties, and too much information on cast counterfeits. Stories of infamous counterfeiters, interesting counterfeit coin situations, and more awaits.

With that said, almost all the information in this latest book will be new and previously unpublished. Thus, I have a request if you can help. Do you have, or do you think you have an interesting die struck contemporary counterfeit U.S. that I should know about which might not already be documented in my draft chapters? If so, please reach out to me. If the variety is new, excellent, and more information from me will follow to get that included in the book. But if I've already documented the variety I'll let you know and share more preliminary information with you about it. All in all, I realize this request is a bit vague, but I appreciate any assistance to make this forthcoming book as complete as possible.


Winston Zack

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