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Riddell Monograph Project!

Happy President's Day weekend everyone.

Prior Blog info. I'm pausing publishing an update on a couple of counterfeit Seated quarters for now. Not trying to hold folks in suspense, I just haven't had time to complete this work.

New Info. As the title of this Blog post states, I am hosting and managing a really fun and exciting new project associated with Riddell's 1845 Monograph. For years I've been drafting an update to Riddell's original publication, and this current project will document as many of the counterfeit Riddell varieties that still exist nearly 180 years later but with COLOR images of those varieties! You can read more about this project, download the current draft PDF of this project, participate and contribute photos, and consider donating to this effort at this link on my website -

More Listings for Sale. I will be listing a few more pieces to the SHOP portion of this website this weekend. This anticipates to be a mix of U.S. and Mexican pieces. If there's something listed that you want, but the price isn't right for you, consider making an offer by contacting me via email. I'll see how much room I have without trying to lose too much money on pieces.

Yup - this was a short blog but hopefully a worthwhile read.



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